The idea is to put buyers and sellers in touch with each other in one marketplace and enable sellers to move stock that has sat in the warehouse for too long. So, by registering as a buyer, you will be able to see all sellers and all their products

Simply register, choose the payment/service plan that suits you best. Then upload a csv file, using our template, listing your “parts for sale”. You can do this by following our, easy to use, instructions. On some plans we can do this for you.

Yes, there are a choice of plans to suit all. We charge an annual fee, which can be paid in one go or monthly. Click here.

A Buyer can register for free and browse all our seller’s sites looking for the parts they need. Click here to register as a Buyer.

A Seller is an Individual or Company that chooses a payment plan to list and advertise all their products. Click here for payment plans.

There is no reason that someone cannot be both. A Seller automatically has the ability to Buy from other Sellers without having to create a Buyer account.

They register as a Buyer, which is free, and when this is done, they get full access to the parts search engine. When a part, or a choice of parts is found, they then get full contact details of the seller leaving them to make contact and make arrangements to purchase the item directly. No middleman, no commissions or fees.

A parts sale is a private transaction between the Buyer and Seller.

VPM take no responsibility for any aspect of the transaction. However, we will try to assist and resolve issues if we possibly can.

Click here for our Terms & Conditions.

The product description should clearly state the brand and condition. For instance, new, remanufactured, used or a core unit for repair.

These will be set by the supplier, dependent on the suppliers’ standard warranty terms. These terms may vary depending on the product condition. Warranty terms will be set in your individual discussions with the supplier.

Sales are fantastic, and we would love your feedback on that. You then need to delete that product from your sales listing to keep your parts upload fresh.

You can upload as many parts as you wish, at anytime you wish, to the maximum number allowed on your payment plan.

There is no minimum quantity, however you need to judge if there is enough product for sale to get a return on your payments.

You need to speak directly to the supplier you bought the part from and discuss what is possible under their terms and conditions.