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Become a VPM Seller

Buyers come in all shapes and sizes, from large corporations to individuals and classic vehicle clubs. But they have one thing in common, they are all looking for that elusive and even obsolete part.

Old, redundant, surplus, obsolete. We all have parts that we would like to make a profit from. Make them add to your bottom line and free up warehouse space.

In just 5 Minutes you can be listing and selling your Parts!

Generate cash from unwanted Parts

Sell to Buyers anywhere in the world

Quick, easy, no hassle

Your warehouse stock is cash waiting to happen. List all your products that may be gathering dust and VPM will put you in direct touch with buyers from around the world. You will then be able to negotiate a sale directly.

Step 1

Choose the best membership plan for you and your payment choice.

Step 2

Setup your account and build your own shop.

Step 3

List the parts you want to sell in a simple format.

Step 4

Upload your parts to your shop and wait for contacts.

Your parts will not only be listed in your own personal shop but your parts will be listed in the main shop and all searches to be found by all buyers.

We will supply you with analytics and visit reports relating to your products and make sure you are in touch with prospective buyers.

Register today and get selling. Become a Founder Member and reap excellent rewards.

The VPM team will give you all the assistance you need to get started.